Nice Gerbera

Cheerful, cozy, colorful and spontaneous. That is typical of the Gerbera. The many varieties and colors Gerbera fits any decor. Gerbera always shines, or the flower're sitting in a mixed bouquet or just alone in a special vase. Gerbera fits any decor and every emotion and event.
Trendy is the Gerbera always: they are available in many colors and variations. From orange to yellow, from red to purple and salmon to white. There are also two-colored Gerbera are available that just have something special.
Gerbera looks fluffy and gently. This is due to the long stems that are hairy and have no leaves. Gerbera can be large as 14 cm in diameter. The flowers magic with their bright and fresh feel a smile on everyone's face.

Gaiety in a vase
. Gerbera has its origin in South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania. Gerbera is a non-scented flower which belongs to the genus Asteraceae
Did you know that in the Netherlands are grown annually to 900 million Gerbera? A popular flower so.
Tip: combine the Gerbera agree with freesia and tulips into a fragrant bouquet and fresh looking.
A Gerbera flower consists of a ring of small petals around a light (green) or dark (black) heart. The outer petals determine the shape of the flower. In the heart of the Gerbera form rings of stamens. These are clearly visible and with it you can also see if a flower is fresh or not. In a fresh flower bloom the outer 2 to 4 rings of stamens. If there are more so-called stamen crowns visible, then the flour is less fresh.

• Put gerberas in a clean vase with about seven centimeters of water.
• Always add cut flower food, both with a bouquet, as well as in Gerbera standing alone in a vase.
• Gerbera grow in the vase, keep this in mind when putting water on the bouquet.

Reageer is een bedrijf gespecialiseerd in de verkoop via internet, zowel aan bedrijven als aan particulieren. Op onze internet winkels kunt u een groot aantal cadeaus vinden van zeer goede kwaliteit, waaronder bloemen, boeketten, wijn, ballonnen en pluche knuffels. Deze producten worden door onze koerier bezorgd door heel de Benelux.

Nice Gerbera
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